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Get The Shoes Baby

began with my partner Edwin asking me to do a runway walking video down the sidewalk of Harlem after Harlem Pride 2019. A few weeks later we were in Washington DC for an event and as we were leaving he once again encouraged me to do a walking video to which I obliged, but this time mid video I said “get the shoes baby, get the shoes” which went viral.

As a child always seeing ppls knees and most of the time looking down instead of looking up straining my neck, I often thought “You wore those shoes with that outfit!?” I believed that people didn’t respect the foundation and art of shoes beautifying and glamourizing their outfits. I began to select my every day attire based on and beginning with my shoes. I found myself shopping not by how things looked on mannequins but by how they would match my shoe collection. At the time I squeezed my size 11s into size 10s because there was no respect for the woman with the size 11 + foot. I searched for designers that catered to all possible sizes and realized that there were few.

My love for shoes and determination to not fit into a box that told me I could only wear kitten heels and unflattering shoes led me to discover some of the most beautiful well made shoes which when slipped on the foot empowers and makes one feel accomplished.

Personally, standing in a pair of shoes that I know compliment my attitude, my mood , my day , my garment empowers me to stand firm in my truth and belief in so many things that help to create the strength I need to accomplish my dreams turned into goals.